my name is isabella
and i live in cali-colombia
i was borned in june 
i have a dog and his name is dolce that means candy in italian
my favorite color is the dark pink
my favorite subject in school is religion, art, drama, music and P.E.
i like to sing and dance 
i like to hear my favorite singers: hilary duff, katy pery,miley cyrus, selena gomez and taylor swift. i also like justin bieber 
the things i hate are that people desorganize my room or see that there are things all over the place i also hate that my sister bother me and makes me get angry but it dosent matter because i love her i also dont like that my parents punish me but all thougt i think that any children in the hole word likes that their parents punish them.
my favorite animal is the rabbit and the dog the are so cute