Today we have a visitor his name is Rosio Moreno she is from Peru and have been working publicity for 12 years she talks us about how technology has change and how it could be used to make publicity it was very cool she told us that when she was as little kid she didn´t have internet even a computer that kind of technology began when she was in the university and before the internet was only informative but know has many more programs that help people. She also talks us about something very interesting that was that there are many new technologies like publimovil that is like a big big ipad that people hangs in the chest and make publicity with it and go to her audience. This device has also interactive games and stuff. Also there are mirrors which has a blurb on the screen and when you come to the screen you can look like a normal mirror but if you move the blurb come again. Then we do a really cool activity that was my favorite day.

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